Message From The Chairman

The District 308B1 Malaysia during the fiscal year of 2010-2011 was concerned over the lack of public or governmental support to provide financial assistance to students from poor families who did not obtain outstanding results, but have just obtained average results in their SPM or STPM or its equivalent to further their studies. Realizing this lacuna, the District 308B1 Malaysia during the fiscal year of 2010-2011 under the then District Governor, Dato’ Yeow Wah Chin embarked on fund raising initiative district wide by selling the idea to Lions clubs, their members and the public at large embraced to establish an education foundation. Past International President Sid Scruggs who as the sitting International President had on 22nd February, 2011 launched the logo of the Foundation. This initiative was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and they donated generously and hence within six (6) months a sum of RM1,000,000-00 was raised. It was a dream comes true when the Lions Education Foundation was duly registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia in March, 2011 with its main objective to give financial assistance to those students from poor families who aspire to further their studies.

Today we, the Lions are proud because we have given hope and are able to make the difference in the lives of the poor students forever by helping them to turn their dream into a reality. As at this evening, we have given out financial assistance to seventy three (73) students who have benefitted through the Lions Education Assistance for the Needy (LEArN) Fund managed by Lions Education Foundation and a sum of RM1,100,000-00 has been approved for them. The Selection Committee of the LEArN Fund will scrutinize the applicants thoroughly regardless of race or religion, making sure that they are from poor families having financial difficulties to send their children to local institutions of higher learning. We strongly believe that poor students with at least average results deserve to be given the second chance to further their tertiary education so that they could earn a decent living, thus breaking the chain of vicious cycle of poverty. We would continue to strive to help and reach out to as many poor students as our fund could possibly stretch.

Amongst the degree courses currently pursued by the recipients are Bachelors of Laws, Bachelor of Accounting, Pharmacy, MBBS, Bachelor of Business Administration, Economics, Multimedia, Hotel Management, Finance, Engineering etc.

I strongly encourage clubs to come forward to help students from poor families by recommending and submitting their applications to the Foundation to enable the Selection Committee to screen through so that the really deserving cases will get the necessary help from us.



Dear Fellow Lions,

Lions Education Foundation (LEF) had extended its helping hand to many students in need for many years since it started. This brilliant idea had been initiated by GLT Area Leader Past Council Chairperson Dato’ Yeow Wah Chin who was the District Governor of District 308 B1 Malaysia in the year 2010. With the power of Lions, we successfully raised more than 1 million Ringgit Malaysia within 6 months period.

Over the past few years, this Foundation had been visited by many Past International Presidents and had been well recognised not only by our local Lions community but also public. This outstanding Lions service not only had enhanced our service impact but also reshape public opinion towards what our association and our Lions family is doing.

I feel honoured to be able to join you as the second year International Director at this auspicious moment as we begin our second century of humanitarian service. In this new century, we’re striving for even more – more service, more innovation, more men and women united by kindness and serving their communities as Lions. We aim to impact 200 million lives through the service with 1.7 million Lion and Leo members and provide learning opportunities to 500,000 members by the year 2020. In this fiscal year, we aims to be better and serve beyond the horizon, just like our International President Gudrun’s theme for 2018-2019.

With your exemplary leadership in Lionism, no doubt you will achieve our movement missions. Your accomplishments will inspire those around you and honour the Association’s motto “We Serve”. Once again, I look forward to work with you as we are not only the LARGEST service organization in the world – WE ARE THE BEST. Have a successful, exciting and fulfilling Lionistic year ahead.

Datuk Dr. Naga
Past International Director 2017-2019


The main objective of Lions Education Foundation is to give financial assistance to students from  poor families who aspired to further their studies.  

Thanks to the founder, PCC Dato’ Yeow Wah Chin  for giving hope to these students. Glad to know to date LEF has given financial assistance to 81  students with RM1,302,356.00 approved for the needs.  

Education is the process of learning, help to develop skills and an educated  person is respected everywhere. It is in hope that the financial aids given by  LEF will give opportunity to these students to attain success in life.  Due to the pandemic for the last 2 years, situation has been difficult for many  including LEF. To ensure the continuity of assisting the needy, we hope this  fund raising will be success. 

Wishing more deserving will benefit from this noble caused. Thank you 

We are the WORLD TOGETHER we can.



District Governor 2022 – 2023
Lions Clubs International
District 308 B1 Malaysia

LEF application criteria

The applicant must be a Malaysian pursuing full time education and gained admission into any private or public institution of higher learning (Colleges/Universities) in any academic disciplines in Malaysia excluding drama, singing artists, beauty and the like.
The Institution of higher learning must be recognised by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia.
Academic Records
The applicant must possess consistent and satisfactory academic records and/or active participation in extracurricular activities in school.
Applicant age limit
The applicant must not be older than 20 years for Diploma programmes and not older than 25 years for Degree programmes.
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Parents combined income
The combined income of the parents must not exceed RM30,000 per annum.